Wafa Kalia

Group Director- BD
Wafa Kalia, Group Director – Business Development, is a dynamic Marketer and Businessperson. She completed her BBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) with a distinction and has worked for various Multi-nationals since then. She is focused, creative, and forward-thinker. With her extensive knowledge of marketing and business development, she brings a new perspective to the group and supports it in exploring new markets. She is an active member of many Women Development and Educational forums and is also the Chairperson of KRG - a welfare project of Kalia Group.

Message from Group Director – Business Development

IT innovation, emerging business markets, and cutting-edge finance and marketing solutions have transformed every aspect of how businesses run, students learn, networks build, and we live. Although our working environment has been changing dramatically, Kalia Group’s overriding philosophy of customer care, unique corporate culture, and the power of unbeatable leadership will remain the same.

We adopted a corporate culture that broke the boundaries of the status quo, allowed optimal strategic flexibility, and enabled us to be more competitive and leading market players. Through ideation, leadership, and modernization, today we are running over eight different business projects, and are operating in more than twenty different countries. Though we have made tremendous success, we are not going to stop here. We will continue diversifying ourselves, exploring unique ideas, products, and services, taking decisive actions and tapping new business markets to further strengthen and expand our group in a more impactful manner.