Khurram H. Kalia

Group CEO
Khurram Kalia, Group CEO is a perfect example of a visionary leader and technology entrepreneur. He is a creative, smart, and goal-driven individual. As an engineering student, he was the top graduate of his university with several gold medals to his name. He then moved on and achieved distinction while doing his MBA from London Business School. Khurram believes in organic expansion and strong partnerships to expand the company while keeping its focus on delivering the best value for its customers. His leadership, technical acumen, and managerial expertise have taken the group to new heights.

Message from Our Group CEO

Whether it is a small business or a giant corporate venture, organizations have to learn and evolve to sustain and thrive in today’s competitive and complex business environment.

As a group of companies, we are responsible for driving our business ventures towards the benefits of our stakeholders and providing them with real return on their investment. This can only be achieved by our resolute focus on quality, reliability, durability, customer care, and vocational value.

Although we are always open to change and embrace them as an essential ingredient of sustenance and prosperity, we will continue to maintain and exercise ethical business practices and work within the parameters of Kalia Group’s core business values all the time.

Throughout our timeline and historical victories, we have been the center of creativity, innovation, and technological advances in Pakistan. I am proud to announce that the Kalia Group plans to continue its unique corporate culture and heritage of leadership in the markets we serve and the communities we live and work in.

The efforts of our global operations continue focusing on expanding our market share outside of Pakistan and we are pleased to get positive results. To that end with our consistent expansion, our market share also continues to grow with a global footprint through a strategic alliance in over 20 different countries. We have many new promising solutions in our research and development pipeline that are drawing closer to their launch.

Our people are our strength who love solving complex issues and take interest in working on challenging tasks. The value our products, services, and innovative solutions add to our clients’ businesses remain the fundamental components of our continued victory and prosperity.