Areeb Kalia

Group Director – PR
Mohammad Areeb Owais Kalia is a vital member of Kalia Group and a Project Lead of PinnaKal Developments, a construction project of Kalia Group. For the past four years, his contributions to the company have been of great importance. He has worked in the areas of stock brokerage, telecommunications, and IT solutions. Mr. Areeb Kalia epitomizes integrity, hard work, innovative strategies, and brings a new perspective to the business.

Message from Public Relation Director

Kalia Group enjoys a trusted name and a positive reputation across our businesses through its transparent way of working and unmatchable customer care. Our brand reputation and corporate image influences every aspect of our organization. The way we work, how customers feel about our products and services, how regulators perceive us, whether or not investors opt to purchase our company shares, and whether our employees find Kalia Group a satisfying place to work. 

I am proud to be part of the Kalia Group and take every initiative to spread its mission and vision. We have been building and maintaining harmonious relationships with our stakeholders and social networks, so the organization can be viewed in a positive and impactful way since its inception.

We believe in our corporate responsibility and take all the necessary steps to fulfill them.