Executive Board

Executive Board

Khurram H. Kalia

Group CEO

Group CEO.

Khurram Kalia, Group CEO is a perfect example of a visionary leader and a technology entrepreneur. He is a creative, smart and goal-driven individual. As an engineering student, he was the top graduate of his university with several gold medals to his name. He then moved on and achieved distinction while doing his MBA from London Business School. Khurram believes in organic expansion and strong partnerships to grow the company while keeping its focus on delivering the best value for its customers. His leadership, technical acumen, and managerial expertise have taken the group to new heights.

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Hanif S. Kalia

Founder & Chief Advisor

Founder & Chief Advisor.

Mr. Hanif S. Kalia, Founder & Chief Advisor of Kalia Group is a pragmatic visionary, exceptional leader, an active member of the Memon Community and a huge supporter and promoter of an IT culture in Pakistan. His leadership and organizational skills have taken the company to great heights.

Born on the 12th of April 1949 in Karachi, Mr. Hanif Kalia completed his Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) and developed an interest in finance and accounting thus acquired a degree as a Fellow Cost and Management Accountant (FCMA). Mr. Kalia has been awarded a gold medal for being an outstanding member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP). Initially, he worked with some leading industrial and commercial concerns then finally established Kalia Group. Thereby, with his wisdom and vision, he made it as one of the fastest growing businesses in Pakistan.

Mr. Kalia is a former President of Pakistan Memon Educational & Welfare Society and in his tenure laid the foundation of a world-class institute Sir Adamjee Institute of Technology which educates students in the disciples of Information Technology and Business Management. In Mr. Hanif S. Kalia’s opinion, the world has changed so much that the traditional ways of learning and conventional modes of making money may hardly help individuals, and no progress and prosperity is possible without IT literacy. In fact, he views IT illiteracy and ignorance as one of the key factors of decline and downfall in today's technologically evolved era.

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Owais S. Kalia

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor.

Mr. Owais S. Kalia is one of the most prominent currency analysts and experts, having a prestigious reputation and extraordinary recognition on the economic platforms of Pakistan. Holding a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Mr. Owais Kalia did his Post Graduate Diploma from Budapest, Hungary in Instrumentation & Automatic Control Systems. He is a well-renowned name in the financial community of Pakistan.

His comments and opinions regarding Forex Market of the country are published in various local and foreign journals and magazines. Mr. Owais has the honor of being selected as a member of the International ‘Who’s Who’ of Professionals (USA) and is also the member of the Instrument Society of America.

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Areeb Kalia

Group Director – PR

Group Director – PR .

Mohammad Areeb Owais Kalia is a vital member of Kalia Group and a Project Lead of PinnaKal Developments- a construction project of Kalia Group. Since past four years, his contributions to the company have been of great importance. He has worked in the areas of stock brokerage, telecommunications, and IT solutions. Mr. Areeb Kalia epitomizes integrity, hard work, and innovative strategies and brings a new perspective to the business.

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Wafa Kalia

Group Director- BD

Group Director- BD.

Wafa Kalia, Group Director – Business Development, is a dynamic Marketer and Businessperson. She completed her BBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) with a distinction and has worked for various Multi-nationals since then. She is focused, creative and forward-thinker.

With her extensive knowledge of marketing and business development, she brings a new perspective to the group and supports it in exploring new markets. She is an active member of many of many Women Development and Educational forms and is also the Chairperson of KRG - a welfare project of Kalia Group.

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