Message from Executive Board

Message from Executive Board Members


Kalia Group is built on three core values: integrity, innovation and long-term partnerships. We have achieved many milestones in the last 4 decades in the field of IT, finance, construction, education and human welfare based on these values alone. Our primary objective is to create an IT culture and encourage IT literacy in Pakistan, transform the way how businesses are done, and become benchmark of professional services worldwide.

We have a firm belief that ‘IT is the language of the 21st century and no progress and prosperity is possible without it’. We feel that, as a nation, we should realize the importance of IT because it is the only thing which will help us protect our status as a sovereign nation, thus enabling us to gain sustained economic stability and prosperity. Our vision and mission arise from and reflect the same thought process.

Hanif Kalia

A Message from Our Group CEO

Whether it is a small business or a giant corporate venture, organizations have to learn, evolve, and embrace change and IT innovation to sustain and thrive in today’s competitive and complex business environment.

As a group of companies, we are responsible for driving our business ventures towards the benefits of our stakeholders and providing them with real return on their investment. This can only be achieved by our resolute focus on quality, reliability, durability, customer care and vocational value.

Although we are always open to change and embrace them as an essential ingredient of sustenance and prosperity, we will continue to maintain and exercise ethical business practices and work within the parameters of Kalia Group’s core business values all the times.

Throughout our timeline and historical victories, we have been center of creativity, innovation and technological advances in Pakistan. And I am proud to announce, Kalia Group plans to continue its unique corporate culture and heritage of leadership in the markets we serve and communities we live and work in.

The efforts of our global operations continue focusing on expanding our market share outside of Pakistan and we are pleased to get positive results. To that end with our consistent expansion, our market share also continuous to grow with global footprint through strategical alliance in over 20 different countries. We have many new promising solutions in our research and development pipeline that are drawing closer to their launch.

Our people are our strength who love solving complex issues and take interest in working on challenging tasks. The value our products, services and innovative solutions add to our client’s businesses remain the fundamental components of our continued victory and prosperity.

Khurram H. Kalia

A Message from Public Relation's Director

Kalia Group has earned and enjoys a trusted name and positive reputation across our businesses through its transparent way of working and unmatchable customer care. Our brand reputation and corporate image influences every aspect of our organization – the way we work; how customers feel about our products and services; how regulators perceive us; whether or not investors opt to purchase our company shares; and whether our employees find Kalia Group a satisfying place to work.

I am proud to be part of Kalia Group and take every initiative to spread its mission and vision. We have been building and maintaining harmonious relationships with our team members, stakeholders, business partners, employees, and outside parties – customers, media groups, social networks, and others alike – for the organization to be viewed in a positive, impactful way since its inception.

We believe in our corporate responsibility and take all necessary steps to fulfill them.

Areeb Kalia

A Message from Group Director – Business Development

IT innovation, emerging business markets, and cutting-edge finance and marketing solutions has transformed every aspect of how businesses run, students learn, networks build, and we live. Although our working environment has been changing dramatically, Kalia Group’s overriding philosophy of customer care, uniqueness of corporate culture, and power of unbeatable leadership will remain same.

We adopted a corporate culture that broke the boundaries of status quo, allowed optimal strategic flexibility, and enabled us be more competitive and leading market player. Through ideation, leadership and modernization, today we are running over eight different business projects, and are operating in more than twenty different countries. Though we have made tremendous success, we are not going to stop here. We will continue diversifying ourselves, exploring unique ideas, products and services, taking decisive actions and tapping new business markets to further strengthen and expand our group in a more impactful manner.

Wafa Kalia