Kalia Group leverages IT innovation, modern thinking and breakthrough ideas to expand and thrive

Who we Are?

Kalia Group is Transforming the Way How Businesses are Done

Founded by Hanif H. Kalia in 1983, Kalia Group is one of the fastest growing businesses in Pakistan that has earned a trusted name and global reputation in a short span of time.

Our competitive edge has always been the policy to explore and focus our energies on unique and innovative ideas, products and services that deliver a delightful user experience to our valued clients. This has also been one of the key pillars of our businesses, enabling us build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Today, with over 8 ventures and a global footprint across 5 continents, we have remained true to the philosophy of innovation and leading provider of unparalleled services worldwide.

Kalia Group's Core Values

Our business values are our driving force and core areas of strength that direct and pave our way towards our mission fulfilment and goal accomplishment. Our three core corporate values are:

• Integrity: We exhibit honesty and integrity at all times in whatever we do and say.

• Innovation: We believe in creativity, innovation and breakthrough of insightful imagination for unique brand recognition and exceptional business success.

• Long-term Partnership: We maintain respectful relationships with our employees, partners, clients, suppliers, and communities.

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